Chicks are here!

I got the call from the post office at about 6:45 this am letting me know that the chicks we ordred had arrived!  Drove down and picked them up – even before the folks there opened the door to the back room I could hear them chirping.

They came in a small box (we only ordered 8 chicks).

This is the box that the chicks were shipped in

Inside, they had some comfy bedding and were all huddled up!


We put them into their brooder and at first they stayed huddled up (it hadn’t had much time to warm up yet so they were a little cold), and I checked each of them to make sure they weren’t ‘pasted up’ or anything like that.  Showed a few of them the water and a few mins later the food.


A few hours later they are adjusting well, eating, drinking, pooping, and exploring!  We sprinkled some crumbles around to give them something fun to do.  One of them decided to push a bunch of food out of the food dish so I spread that around for them to peck at too, they seem to love it!


Here’s a closeup of one (I think it’s an Easter Egger?):


Anyway – adventures ahead!

2 thoughts on “Chicks are here!

    1. Yeah, we got them from My Pet Chicken. We only ordered 8, and it was funny because the woman at the post office asked if we had ordered more since it was such a small box. 🙂

      Our experience w/My Pet Chicken was good, everything played out exactly as they said it would.


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