New DIY/IoT/Raspberry Pi Project: Smoker Temperature Controller, or “My Smoker is an Internet of Things Thing”

For my next project I am going to build a wifi enabled, Raspberry Pi controlled temperature controller for my Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) smoker.

The temperature of a charcoal smoker is controlled by the flow of oxygen.  More oxygen, more heat.  This is usually done by checking the temperature of the smoker every now and then and adjusting the vents – more open to get it hotter, and less open to make it cooler.

The idea is simple – thermometer connected to a Raspberry Pi, a fan/blower plugged into the WSM, and a small python program that tells the blower to blow if the temp gets too low.  It’ll be interesting to see what other adjustments need to be made once the base solution is in place.  And once it’s going it becomes simple software to push the temperature readings and other data to my phone or other devices.

The WSM actually keeps its temperature quite well, and doesn’t require much babysitting most of the time, so this project is very much in the ‘because I can’ column. But, with something like this it will be much more feasible to smoke overnight, for example (om nom brisket!).

Also – yes, I know I can buy something that is ready made for not a lot of money.  But what fun would that be?

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