Standing Desk Accessories – Anti-fatigue mat

I’ve been using my DIY motorized standing desk for a couple weeks now, and am really enjoying it.  I’ve been standing more than I thought I would, but when I get tired the flexibility to lower to a sitting height is really nice.

One thing I’ve noticed that at the end of the day my legs are quite tired, and my feet bothering me a little.  Thankfully my anti-fatigue mat arrived last night.  After one day using it, I can already feel a big difference.  My feet feel much better, and while my legs are still a little tired, it seems to be a little less so than the other days.

The mat is pretty heavy duty and looks like it will last a while.  Standing on it feels soft and firm at the same time, and almost like it molds to the feet.  I’ve used it barefoot thus far, but will likely see what the experience with shoes is soon.

This is just the first day’s impression, but thus far it seems like a good investment.

By the way – I’m glad that my desk gives me fine grained control on the height so I can get the adjustment perfect with the various mat/shoes/etc arrangements I’ve been exploring!

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